Friday, 10 March 2017

Saija´s new "First leader", Alaska!

My name is Alaska, and I am a new "First leader" in Saija´s dogkennel.
This is now my first winter to do this really important job in Saija, and so far it has gone well! I´m always excited when I´m going to running, I really love it.

But perhaps you like to hear something about me?

No automatic alt text available.                                                                                I was born in July, 2011. My mother is Jessica, and my father was Black. I think, that you remember him? He was the first leader in Saija´s dogkennel before me. So, I like inherit my position from my father Black. I have 6 siblings: Adele, Ajax, Assi, Akita, Abiti and Alena. All my siblings are also current leaderdogs in their teams, so it runs in genes! Our mother and father were perhaps the best current leaderdogs in Saija...? We have big footsteps to follow! But we will do that, I´m sure of that.

Me and my current leader mate, Susan, are running mainly with Annika-guide team. My mate, Susan, already run with my father, so I have had a lot of good tips for being the First leader from her. Our teamwork is going like a dream, and I hope that we will have many running years together.

I have already learned some important things that I will need as a First leader. While we are running and something mysterious happens to a musher (such as falling down from a sled 😉), I know that I have to stop and wait when we catch our guide. I do not attemp to override a snowmobile, where our guide awaits. Then the musher has time to catch us again, or our guide go to help him/her.
When we have a two day trip, and we stay an overnight in a wilderness cabin, I know that I must be an example to other dogs: I don´t bark, and I behave properly. But I make sure that I get always the first and the best house for a night, because in the morning I will start in the first sled. For me is difficult to run, if there is someone running front of me. The first place is mine, and I don´t want to give that to anyone!

And, let you know, if you want to make me really happy: I love when you pet me from the back, near the tail. It feels so good 😍

Here in Saija we still have good time to run, our snow lasts until middle of April. We will enjoy of snowy landscape and sunny days!

Happy spring time to everyone,

With love, Alaska


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Start of the winterseason!

Hello, hello everyone 😊 We are so happy here in Saija´s dogkennel!! We have started our Winterseason, and we are excited about it! We are proud to present this video to you:


It feels so good to get to real action again. We have enjoyed of our summer: cosy walking trips with Saija´s guests and staff, hugs and pettings. But, of course, we enjoy more of the winter because we love to run in the snow! It's our nature, and we are born to pull the sled.

In the summer time we had some construction works in the dogkennel: Asko and Timo built new fences for us, and a new, 4th starting point for trips.You can see the new starting point in the video, when we start from the kennel.

Looking forward to see you all in the winter💓

Monday, 9 May 2016

End of the winter season

That´s the way, how it´s looked like here in our Kennel in April... empty sledges without us and mushers... It´s time to check the sledges, and put them to a storage to wait for a next winter.
That also mean, that our holiday starts and we will have time to enjoy of the sun and free time :-)

And we, Frosty and Lily, have time to play together and time to relax with our mother, Isa.
For us it will be a first summer, and there will many new things for us. Grass, blue water in the lake, green leaves in the trees will be experience for us, if we believe, what our mother has said to us. Looking forward of that!
Here you can see one of the most famous position in the summer time... laying on the roof and enjoying of the warm, sunny days :-)

Happy summer for everyone!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The first time in the sledge :-)

 Sled dog news from Saija´s Kennel!

 It was snowy Wednesday 24 on February, when we, Inuvik, Bea and Beth had our first pulling in the sledge.
We were running with our mother Jessica, and she told us, how to act in the sledge. The start from the kennel started fine, we didn´t have any problem with that. Because we are running/pulling dogs, we know naturally, how to run :-)

On the lake we were able to run little bit faster, but in the first time we have to be carefully, that we don´t run too fast. Our team´s leader dogs, Susan and Alaska, noticed that we are first timers, so they kept the speed suitable for us.

We just made a short trip on the lake, but it was so funny! Now it´s good time to train for the next winter, then we are ready to make a normal short dog sledge trip (13 Km). And it´s so true, that we are born to run, we enjoy so much of it!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Saija´s seniors

Dolla, 12 y and Harris, 13 y
Greetings from Saija´s seniors!

As far we huskies are really healthy and long-lived breed, we have also good purpose when we are retaired. We are happy to walk with someone! And still we are pulling dogs... so you will have a good exercise with us :-)

Alex, 13 y
Blue, 13 y

We are appreciated by our long sleddog career. When we don´t run anymore in the sledge, we stay here in Kennel and enjoy of easy-going pension days :-)

Smawwa. 12 y

Usually we, walking dos, are over 10 years old. But we have also one "steel grandpa" here in the Kennel, Pirta, who is now 14 years old, but still running in the sledge!

 Of course, sometimes we feel a little bit blue, when younger dogs start in the mornings to safaris, and we can howl a while when other dogs leave us to the Kennel. Then we all seniors togerher can think back "old good days"... But we have so good well taken here in the Kennel, all nice guests and carers give many extra hugs, pets and snacks to us. And we love it, and we also deserve that :-)

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016 :-)

We all dogs from Saija´s kennel want to wish to you Happy New Year 2016!

We have been so excited about starting of the winter season. We have enough snow (almost 30 cm), and also the ice condition in the lake is good for running. At the moment we have a lovely winter weather, - 5 degrees. We have been running with guests now four weeks, and we all are happy about to get in the real action (we love it!). Here you can see some selected pictures of running:


Our daylight is quite short at the moment, the lenght of day is around 4 hours. When the sky is clear in the daytime, you can see the sun during the day :-) For us it´s okay, we are used to it, and we don´t need light for running! Now, before the Christmas our day start to come longer, step by step.

Jari & Inka, "in the darkness" (at 3 p.m.)

In the kennel our life has been nice and full of action, we have done many short and long sledding trips in the forest and along the lake. We wish, that our next year will be full of nice, beautiful winter days with running in the sledge and to you we wish also Happy New Year :-)

Friday, 13 November 2015

Juuuuhuuuu, finally we got our first snow!!

And because we have to learn still a lot, for example walk and run in that funny, cold, soft and white thing our caretaker took us for a great walk.
The sun was shining and we had soooo much fun. We were running and sliding and jumping.
And sometime, when we got a little too wild we had to break with our nose, as you can see here on the picture, where Ira has her nose covered with snow.
She was very wild, and we were playing and rolling so much in the snow. Of course we also had to dig here and there, discover a little and taste the snow. It was interesting, everytime we had the snow in our mouth it melted so quick away... Maybe Mummy can explain to us, why that is. Or maybe you know the secret?
Our caretaker was very nice to take us out, and we were allowed to go without any harness or leashes, we just had to promise, that we would come back anytime she would call us. And because we didn`t want to loose her trust, we did.
I think, she wanted us to look great on the pictures.
Did you noticed how big we are already? We are eating and we are growing and then we are eating even more, what a nice circle of life :)

Snow is very much fun to play, and we found out that there is quiet much to discover. Sometimes under the white and cold blanket we found sticks or even gras.
Now, when we have this the soft, white snow cover, we will enjoy our playing sessions outside the whole winter. And if you ask me...Yes: we were made for snow!!! :)